As a team, we believe that the amazing experiences we have should be shared with others! We spread the love of science and technology in our communities, schools, and local businesses. We work hard to help other teams in need, and start up other FIRST teams in our area so that everyone can become involved! Take a look!

First Lego League:
  • We helped start an FLL team in the Owen J. Roberts Middle school in 2010, mentoring students in the Body Forward game challenge
  • 2011- we grew to 2 teams and twenty students during the Food Factor challenge
    • Both teams placed during the qualifier, and moved onto states at the University of Pennsylvania!
    • From there, one of the teams placed 2nd place overall, earning them a chance to go to the Florida World Invitational!
    • One of our teammates, Chris B., earned the Youth Mentor award at both Pennsylvania and the World Invitational! Good job to our teams!
  •  2012- we have expanded to 40 students and 4 teams in the Middle School for Senior Solutions!
    • All of our teams performed outstandingly, and one received the honor of qualifying again for PA States!
  • 2013- we start our season of mentoring strong with 4 teams once again! We are very excited to see this next generation of innovators take on this year's challenge, Nature's Fury!