Who Are The Silver Soldiers?

    The Silver Soldiers' rookie year was 2010, and we competed in the game, Get Over It!  We named our robot "The Tank" since it could shoot batons, and thus our namesake was born.

    We won the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award at the 2010 qualifier at MCCC in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania.  We moved on to the PA State Championship, competed well, but were not one of the 3 teams to move on to the worldwide Championship.  We also finished 11th in the Delaware State Championship!

    In 2011, our team improved our robot design process and created a 5- Star robot whose dependability and topnotch crate-stacking system won it the Rockwell Collins innovate award at a number of competitions. Marching through the battlefield to the Pennsylvania State Competition, we, with the help of our alliance partners, were able to win the finals.  Our team of mighty soldiers then traveled to St. Louis, Missouri where we competed in the World Competition and came in 9th in our division.  

    After this excitement, it was with great eagerness that we yet again filed into rank to take on the 2012-2013 game Ring it Up! After many successful qualifiers, we gained the privilege to advance on to Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania States! We were part of the Delaware State Winning Alliance, and won the Motivate Award for our team spirit and unity. At Pennsylvania States, we earned the Championship Finalist Award (2nd Place). Finally, we rounded off our season in New Jersey as the PTC Design Award Winner for our innovative robot design!

    Now in our 5th year as a team, we are very eager to see how this season will play out, with this year's challenge, Cascade Effect!


  • Maya A.
  • Takugo A.
  • Eva B.
  • Berin D.
  • Kaitlyn C.
  • RJ K.
  • Petra H.
  • Will K.
  • Taylor B.
  • Ben S.
  • Hannah T.
  • Rachel T.

  • 2014th Regiment: 
    • Stephen D. - Drexel University
  • 2013th Regiment:
    • Chris B. - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Robotic Engineering
    • Jimmy H. - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Kyle S. - Penn State, Computer Science 
  • 2012th Regiment:
    • Kyle T. - University of Philadelphia, Industrial Design
    • Tucker S. - Grove City College


  • Suzanne D'Aloisio - Lockheed Martin
  • Roger Savage - Lockheed Martin
  • Lou Bove - Vanguard
  • Kyle T. - University of Philadelphia
To contact Team 4185, please send e-mail to ojr.robots@gmail.com .